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Short for next week’s distribution: (1) canned fruit. Additional shortages for the 3 April distribution: the above plus (2) pasta sauce , (3) “meals in a can” (stew, canned pasta, chili, etc.), (4) pasta, and (5) dry, unsweetened cereal. Shortages for 10 April: all of the above, plus (6) canned vegetables, and (7) canned soup, and (8) canned beans (black/kidney/red/etc.). (At half of normal soup distribution, we have canned soup sufficient for 27 March and 3 April. There should be sufficient canned tuna/ meat/fish and mac & cheese for four weeks and dry rice/beans for three weeks.)

We also need: baby wipes and baby food numbers 1 and 2. Also needed are Glucerna, plus adult unisex pull-ups sizes small, medium and large.

Plastic newspaper bags and plastic grocery bags are always needed

Over the week ending with the 20 March distribution, we received approximately 3.42 tons of non-perishable food, and gave out some 2.55 tons of non-perishable food and rather more perishable food to 262 families.

Many thanks to everyone who can help us help those in need!

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