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Over the week ending with 5 February, we received approximately 4.32 tons of non-perishable food, and gave out some 4.28 tons of non-perishable food and rather less perishable food to 440 families (our second-highest non-holiday distribution, after last week).

Estimated shortages for the next two distributions (projecting 420 families each week): (1) pasta (short approx. 669 boxes), (2) dry rice/beans (short c.616 pounds), (3) tuna/canned meat/ canned fish (short c.592 cans), (4) mac & cheese (short c. 590 boxes), (5) pasta sauce (short approx. 566 bottles/cans), (6) canned fruit (short c. 554 cans, (7) canned beans (short c.513 cans), (8) canned soup (short c. 449 cans), (9) “meals in a can” (stew, canned pasta, chili, etc.) short c.442 cans, (10) canned vegetables (short approx. 268 cans), and (11) dry unsweetened cereal/oatmeal (short c. 157 boxes/bags).

We also need: Newborn and #6 diapers, baby wipes, and Pediasure. We also need Ensure for adults, and adult diapers/ Depends size medium ONLY. With thanks for a recent very large donation of the same, please hold off for the time being on any donation of other sizes of adult diapers/Depends. Paper grocery bags (Wegmans or Trader Joe or Lidl size) and plastic newspaper bags and plastic grocery bags are always needed. May God bless you for all your help for our work!

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