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Dear St. Martin’s Parishioners,

St. Paul declares in this Sunday’s second reading, “For our Gospel did not come to you in word alone, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with much conviction.” Our faith is not just an alternative message to others in our culture, although that is certainly true. I remember a friend of mine saying, “In the end, I believe not just because of the coherence of the teachings of the faith, but because I have experienced the living God in my own life.” Our faith rests in the action of God saving us personally in our individual life stories. He has inserted himself in our own history, calling us by name, giving us a new identity in his beloved Son, filling us with his divine life, and bestowing upon us an eternal destiny of life in Him. How that works itself out is unique for each believer, but those qualities of his action are for everyone the same. We rejoice because his power is made perfect in our weakness, his Holy Spirit vivifies us, and we live in the conviction that his perfect and infinite love is the foundation and goal of our existence.

I hope you have the chance this weekend to stop by our Ministry Fair to see how you might become more involved in the life of our parish. As our lives are conformed to the Eucharistic mystery we celebrate, we are called to ever greater communion and to pour ourselves out in love for our neighbor. Come see how the Lord is calling you to live that reality more fully at St. Martin’s!

This week we served almost 400 families at our Monday pantry distribution. That is about forty more than the record turnout we had last week! That means your donations are as urgent now as ever. Please see the bulletin to see what items are most needed now.

Our St. Vincent de Paul Society is low on funds. This organization helps parishioners and people of our community in need to pay for basic necessities, such as rent and utility bills. Please spare some money to donate to this vital spiritual and social organization within our parish.

Lastly, our pastoral-year seminarian, Ray Gilmore, has prayerfully discerned that the Lord is not calling him to the priesthood at this time. This weekend is his last with us at the parish. Please wish Ray well if you see him at Masses this weekend, and thank him for his generous service during his two months at St. Martin’s.

In Christ,

Fr. Dave

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