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Dear St. Martin’s Parishioners,

May at St. Martin’s is a month of sacraments: Three Sundays of baptisms, 4 Confirmation Masses, 3 First Communion Masses, 1 Sacraments of Initiation Mass for teens and children, and a few marriages sprinkled in, for good measure. Congratulations to our first group of first communicants on Saturday, May 6.

May is also the month of Mary. I was recently reminded that St. Therese of Lisieux was healed by our Blessed Mother in May of 1883. At the end of 1882, 9 year old Therese began to suffer from constant debilitating migraines. She recounts, “I said things I did not think and did things as if I were forced to do them in spite of myself; I seemed to be delirious nearly all the time, but I am sure I never lost my reason for a moment. Sometimes I was in a coma for hours on end, unable to move at all.” Therese kept a statue of Mary in her room. Here is how she relates the story of her healing:

Suddenly the statue came to life, and Mary appeared utterly lovely, with a divine beauty I could not possibly describe. There was a wonderful sweetness and goodness about her face, and her expression was infinitely tender, but what went straight to my heart was her smile. Then, all my pain was gone. Silently two big tears trickled down my cheeks, tears of complete and heavenly happiness. Our Lady had come to me!

It would behoove us all to keep a statue or image of our Blessed Mother near us, as well. Meditate upon her infinite tenderness and heavenly smile as she looks upon us, her beloved children in Christ. Let us pledge our fealty and piety to her, our heavenly Mother given to us by our Lord himself. I encourage you to learn more about our Blessed Mother throughout this month using our Formed subscription (go to the bottom of the web page to easily register for free content if you haven’t already). While there is plenty of material, I especially suggest to you the series, Lectio: Mary with Dr. Brant Pitre.

In Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Dave

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