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Dear St. Martin’s Parishioners,

I thank you for considering “Taking the Next Step” in your financial support of St. Martin’s. As we pledge ourselves to a weekly or monthly sacrificial gift this weekend, you’ll find included in the bulletin a financial summary of our last fiscal year. There are a few things I would like to highlight:

  1. We finished the year with income exceeding our expenses in the amount of $16,000. Thank you for helping to make that happen!

  2. Although our offertory was down ($982,440), our contributions and donations to the parish were way up ($117,173). The good thing about contributions and donations is that the parish is able to keep the full amount, without being assessed by the Archdiocese. Donations, therefore, go a long way in aiding our finances.

  3. Parish fundraising was also substantial ($66,074), due largely to the success of our car raffle. The money from the grand prize was donated back to the parish, which was an incredibly generous act.

  4. As always, the pantry was well supported with financial contributions ($107,597). Over the last couple of years’ food donations have been so large that the pantry has had to spend very little money to buy food. Although we appreciate the financial donations to the pantry, because there is currently such a large reserve of money for the pantry, there is not a pressing need to make financial donations towards it. Please consider this year redirecting those pantry financial donations to the parish instead.

  5. In the past year, we were able to account $150,000 from the Paycheck Protection Program to help fund the staff payroll, which is no longer available. This means we have to make up that same amount of money through increased income. Hence, this weekend I am humbly asking for an increased commitment to your weekly or monthly offertory gift. Even just a few dollars per family makes a big difference in balancing our budget.

  6. We received a couple of large bequests last year, for which I am extremely grateful. That money is not used in our operating expenses budget, but has been used to for special projects, such as church and hall renovations. Our longtime parishioners who remember St. Martin’s in their wills are a true gift to our parish.

The financial report shows a parish and school that are running well. Although our Sunday Mass numbers have decreased since the beginning of the pandemic, there are abundant baptisms and weddings. This year we will confirm about 140 teenagers. There are around 200 students in our school and over 600 children in religious education. The clergy, religious and staff of St. Martin’s are energized to teach, evangelize and proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord, in season and out of season. Thank you for your commitment to Christ and the Church. If you have any questions concerning the financial statement, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Christ,

Fr. Dave

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