Dear St. Martin’s Parishioners, 


I wanted to let you know that on Sunday, 11/28, I tested positive for COVID after taking a rapid test.  That test was confirmed with a positive PCR test result on Monday.  Currently I am doing fine, recovering from what feels like a slight cold.   


On Friday, 11/26, I woke up feeling congested.  I celebrated the 6:30am Mass, and heard some confessions following Mass.  On Saturday, 11/27, I celebrated the 7:00pm Spanish Mass, but I requested that there be no servers, and that I wouldn’t distribute Communion.  I  didn’t celebrate any public Masses on Sunday.  The greatest risk of exposure, even though low, would have been to the congregants who 

received Communion from me, or who went to confession, at the 6:30am Mass on Friday morning.  There may have been a low exposure risk for anyone that received Communion from me at the 10:00am Thanksgiving Day Mass, although I was not feeling ill at the time. 


If you were at the Thanksgiving Day Mass, and received Communion from me, or if you received Communion from me or went to confession on Friday, 11/26, please closely monitor your symptoms or get a COVID test for your own wellbeing, and to prevent any further spread. 


I’m happy to relate that neither Fr. Patrick nor Fr. Kiko are evidencing any symptoms, and I am quarantining from both of them.  Since the office was closed from Wednesday to Friday last week, no office personnel were exposed.  The office will continue to remain open, and liturgies and classes will continue as planned, while I remain in quarantine the rest of the week.  I appreciate your continued 

prayers, as I remember you at the Masses I celebrate from home this week.   


Symptoms of COVID-19 include coughing, fever, loss of taste or smell, and shortness of breath.  It is important to follow all guidelines provided at this time, including staying at home, continuing preventive measures, and practicing social distancing.  For more information about symptoms and testing, please use this link:  In addition, see Frequently Asked Questions from the Maryland Department of Health:


We have followed the latest CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting facilities, including the work area and extensive disinfection of the surfaces and workspace where I worked. 


We continue to encourage all employees and parishioners to practice good hygiene and social distancing to minimize the risk of infection. If you do not feel well, please refrain from participating in Mass or other events at the church. 


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these times.  

Sincerely yours in Christ, 

Fr. Dave