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The NIH Blood Bank/Platelet Center is in dire need of donors.

The NIH Blood Bank/Platelet Center is in dire need of donors. Blood can be donated on campus at NIH and platelets can be donated at the Platelet donation center in Rockville, MD. All blood products go to the child and adult patients at NIH.


Located in Bethesda, MD, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Blood Bank collects blood and blood components from volunteer donors, for transfusion to patients undergoing life-saving treatment at the NIH Clinical Center.

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To schedule an appointment to donate, please call 301.496.1048 or visit us on-line,<,1,mlXHoedyznbxVFlBo-gl2Ol-sNO_WbUqXkks8z6L8TVfTTcO2y8jVtwK_G5ATvuhnUhSAk2S2C8tCvgHLi6IL-Xkg8Nv3EqNslUinFmtbSqG&typo=1>. To have a recruiter contact you, please email<>.

Where the Blood Goes : The blood you donate at the NIH Blood Bank is used to support the many patients who come from all over the world to receive ground-breaking therapies.

The whole-blood and component requirements of the Clinical Center vary according to the needs of the current patient population. Typically, the following blood products are needed each month:

600 units of red blood cells to treat patients with chronic anemias associated with sickle cell disease, thalassemia, aplastic anemia, leukemia, or cancer

275 units of platelets to control bleeding in patients with leukemia, cancer, or who have had surgery

100 units of plasma for surgical patients, patients with cancer, and patients with immunologic deficiencies

20 units of cryoprecipitate for patients with a variety of bleeding disorders

10 units of granulocytes (white blood cells) for patients with serious infections associated with hereditary or acquired abnormalities of white blood cells