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We are short of the following to cover next week: (1) pasta sauce. Additional shortages for the 24 October distribution: (2) dry, unsweetened cereal, (3) canned beans (black/kidney/ red/etc.), (4) “meals in a can” (stew, canned pasta, chili, etc.), (5) pasta, and (6) canned soup. In addition, we need: Similac Blue and Similac Orange baby formula, and/or domestic or foreign equivalents/substitutes. We also need: diapers sizes newborn, 3, 4, 5 and 6, baby wipes, and Pediasure, as well as Ensure and adult unisex pullups size large.

Paper grocery bags (Trader Joe or Wegmans size or similar) continue to be in short supply. Can you help? Plastic newspaper bags and plastic grocery bags are always needed. Plastic 12-egg cartons are very much needed. Other 12 or 6 unit containers are useful as back-ups. (18 and 24-egg containers are too large for our distribution).

Over the week ending at close of business 10 October, we received approximately 2.66 tons of non-perishable food. Thank you! Food shortages noted above are for the next two weeks, except other items mentioned afterwards which are short now.

Thanks to our donors, at current projected client totals, we now have enough canned meat/fish, mac & cheese, and dry rice/ beans for three weeks, and canned fruit for over five weeks. For the 31 October distribution everything else is short.

In the week ending 10 October, we gave out some 2.16 tons of non-perishable food and rather less perishable food to 222 families. As always, special thanks go to all those helping us to keep St. Martin’s Pantry in operation!

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