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Updated: Aug 4

Short for the next two distributions: (1) canned fruit (short approx. 383 cans), (2) pasta sauce (short approx. 340 bottles/ cans), (3) pasta (short approx. 327 boxes), (4) canned beans (short c.312 cans), (5) “meals in a can” (stew, canned pasta, chili, etc. -- short c.296 cans), (6) canned soup (short c.266 cans), (7) tuna/canned meat/canned fish (short approx. 183 cans), (8) mac & cheese (short c.20 boxes), (9) canned vegetables (short approx. 18 cans), and (10) oatmeal. (We believe we have sufficient dry rice & beans for five weeks.)

We also need: Similac Blue and Similac Orange baby formula, and/or domestic or foreign equivalents/substitutes, baby wipes, and Pediasure.

Plastic newspaper bags and plastic grocery bags are always needed.

Over the week ending with the 17 July distribution, we received approximately 3.22 tons of non-perishable food, and gave out some 3.07 tons of non-perishable food and rather more perishable food to 315 families.

We need your help in order to help those in need!

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