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This week our food pantry served 333 families. The general trend of many more recipients for food than donations continues. Last week, St Bart’s in conjunction with Walt Whitman High School, provided just enough food to see us through the distribution on September 25. On October 1, Our Lady of Grace parish was especially generous, with donations also by Our Lady of Visitation, Our Lady of Mercy, and St Francis. These donations will keep us from being low by a count of 100 to 200 for several categories for the distribution on October 9.

Highest priorities for the coming weeks include: Canned fruit (not fruit cups), various beans (not green beans). We need about 150 cans, for the coming distribution on October 8, or a total of 450 cans over the next two weeks. Corn, Meals-In-A-Can (canned pasta with meat), pasta sauce (in 22-23oz. size; the pantry cannot use the 44-45 ounce cans). Our stock of these are somewhat less than the 300 cans we need for October 9, or a total of 320 cans/each over the next two weeks Green Beans and Mixed Vegetables. For the next two distributions, we will need 300 cans/each. We have slightly more than two weeks inventory for pasta and soup, and so are not asking for more of these at this time. This could change from week to week. We are completely out of spare stock of diapers sizes 3, 4, and 6. Similac Blue, is always in demand, as are plastic egg crates, and newspaper bags.

Thank you again for your much needed generosity. We can’t do this without your help.

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