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Updated: Oct 20

October 9th, was one of the largest, if not the largest, donations ever, with food distributed to 346 families. Thank you especially this week for donations from Our Lady of Visitation, Mother Seton, St. Bart’s, and St. Francis parishes, Potomac Safeway, Costco, Crumble Cookies, Spring Mill Bread, and Washington Grove, as well as St Martin’s parish, and an anonymous Instacart donor. Essentially all the donations received went out!

Unfortunately, we are continuing to release more food than we are taking in. We need: Dry pasta and canned fruit. Our inventory is 140 boxes of pasta or cans of fruit below what needs to be distributed in the next week. Inventories of cans of green beans, corn, mixed beans (red, pink, black, refried, baked); and boxes of dried Mac & Cheese are about 80 under required weekly distribution. Meals-In-A-Can (Ravioli, Lasagna, Spaghetti with meatballs, chili), pasta sauce (bottles, glass or plastic of less than 32 oz), and canned meat (tuna, chicken, salmon) are all about 30 below coming weekly distribution. Unsweetened cereal: we need 120 boxes/week. We are completely out of adult (Depends, or other brands) products. We are out of peanut butter (20 jars/week) and jelly (10-15 jars per week.) Infant formula: Similac blue, Similac orange, Enfamil are always needed, as are newspaper bags. Not needed for the time being: Infant diapers (Thank you!)

Thank you again for your much-needed generosity. We can’t do this without your help and our volunteers, from many parishes.

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