Dear St. Martin’s Parishioners,

Happy Lent! Far from being a dreaded time of year, it’s a joyful season of heightened spiritual awareness and action. As you know I’m proposing that this year we Live Lent Together by praying and sacrificing for one another. The pledge cards expressing your participation are at the church entrances. Once you submit them, they will be placed on the high altar, and everyone participating will be remembered at each Lenten Mass. Also, if you have special intentions that you would like people to pray for specifically, there is a link on the web page where you are invited to add your intentions. All those participating will receive those intentions weekly through Flocknote (so put your emails or cellphone on the pledge cards!).

This Monday at 7:00pm in the church we welcome Mrs. Heidi Saxton, a Catholic speaker and author, who will lead us in a prayerful reflection on the Seven Sorrows of Mary. This is a mini-retreat designed especially for women. Start your Lent off on a prayerful foot by attending this evening of prayer, united with our Blessed Mother.

This Lent, we will offer two retreats in Spanish and a parish mission in English.

• The Spanish women’s retreat is Friday evening, March 11 and Saturday, March 12 at Cuddy Hall in Derwood. Contact the parish office to register.

• The Spanish Men’s retreat is Friday evening, March 18 (at the church) and Saturday, March 19 at Cuddy Hall. Contact the parish office to register.

• The Parish Mission will be given by Fr. Jack Berard, a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, on Monday, March 21 and Tuesday, March 22. There is no need to register. The mission will include Fr. Jack’s talks, confession, Eucharistic adoration, and a healing Mass.

As a reminder, we pray the Stations of the Cross on Fridays at 5:30pm in English and at 7:30pm in Spanish.

I look forward to celebrating this time of spiritual renewal and growth with all of you, and I pray that you take advantage of the opportunities offered this Lent.

In Christ,

Fr. Dave

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