Dear St. Martin’s Parishioners,

Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed! The Church’s mission is to proclaim this greatest of truths until the end of time. Here are some ways that we do that:

1. The Easter candle: This gigantic candle which is lit on Easter, and remains lit throughout the 50 days of Easter, is a sign of the Risen Lord Jesus. We also light it at every baptism and, interestingly enough, at every funeral. At baptism Jesus Christ gifts eternal life to the person reborn by water and the Holy Spirit. Front and center at every funeral, the Easter candle reminds us that the Christian who has persevered in faith, hope and love has passed from death to life. Purified from sin by the blood of Christ, that person can reign with Christ at the eternal wedding feast for all eternity.

2. Sunday: The Jewish people celebrated Saturday as the day set aside for worship of God and rest. After the Resurrection, the first Christians began to celebrate Sunday as the holy day, because it is the new and unending Day that Christ inaugurated by his glorious triumph over death. While there are seven days in the week, Christians celebrate Easter Sunday as the “eighth day,” the first day of the new creation. Every Sunday throughout the year is a “mini Easter,” a weekly reminder that we are part of the new creation of redeemed humanity.

3. The baptismal font: Many baptismal fonts are octagonal, that is, they have eight sides. This illustrates the point above, that through baptism we become part of the new creation, and participate in the eternal Day in which we live by the light of Christ.

4. The Church: When the People of God gather in communal worship of God, especially in the Sunday Mass, we are Christ’s risen body here and now. Jesus Christ is alive not in some abstract or otherworldly way, but in his chosen people. He lives in us and we in him. The gifts of the Holy Spirit, faith, hope and love, and the other virtues of the Christian life are evidence that Christ continues to bless, sanctify, heal and transform the world through the power of his Resurrection.

5. The Eucharist: In the Eucharist, all the treasures and graces of Jesus are contained! The Eucharist is the Risen Lord Jesus himself. By receiving Holy Communion devoutly and frequently, we participate ever more fully in his glorious triumph over sin and death. I hope that the glory of this Easter morning may spur all our parishioners to hunger for the eternal life that Christ lavishly bestows on us in Holy Communion.

In the Risen Lord Jesus,

Fr. Dave


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