Dear St. Martin’s Parishioners,

May is month of special devotion to our mother, Mary. Think about that for a second: Mary is our mother. Without a mom, we don’t have life; similarly, without Mary we don’t have a spiritual life. That is how essential she is for us. A couple weekends ago, I visited a friend of mine in Pennsylvania for his daughter’s—and my goddaughter’s—first Holy Communion. My friend has recently come alive in his spiritual life, and he’s hungering more to grow in his faith. He mentioned that on the way to work every day he now prays the rosary. That was the clincher for me. His coming more alive in his faith life and his deepening desire to live a committed Catholic life is cemented by his burgeoning Marian devotion. Our Blessed Mother desires us to be fully alive in Christ, and when we turn to her she acquires for us the graces for a deeper conversion. So often, what all of our efforts and striving cannot bring about, Mary achieves for us if we but turn in confidence to her. In my own spiritual life, I have found two Marian devotions particularly helpful for sustaining and deepening my life in Christ: the rosary and consecrating myself to the Blessed Mother. There are many ways of consecrating oneself to Mary, my favorite being the one promoted by St. Louis Marie de Montfort. If you are not familiar with one or the other Marian devotion, I strongly encourage you to try to incorporate them in your own spiritual life.

Please keep the soul of Mrs. Arlene Patti in prayer. She was our school office manager for close to a decade, and she suddenly passed away this past Sunday. Many of you associated with the school will remember the warmth, kindness and professionalism of Arlene. She will be dearly missed by so many families whose lives she touched over the years. Her funeral Mass will be Friday, May 20 at 11:00am at St. Mary’s in Barnesville.

Also, please pray for our first communicants (May 14) and confirmandi (May 16), as well as a number of young people who will receive their sacraments of initiation on May 21. God’s grace is poured out abundantly upon our youth so that they may be the light of the world and the salt of the earth as disciples of Christ.

In the Risen Christ,

Fr. Dave

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