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Dear St. Martin’s Parishioners,

When I think of July, I think of the beach (notice I said, think of, because I’m certainly not there). The beach is a place of encounter with God, and there are many stories, both Biblical and in the Church’s tradition, that focus on the seaside.

One story is that of Justin Martyr, whose feast day we celebrated recently. Justin was born about the year 100 in Palestine, and from an early age he sought true wisdom. He learned from many philosophers, but it wasn’t until he had a chance encounter with a Christian on a seashore that he learned of Christianity. The two began talking about philosophy, but the man gradually opened up Justin to the knowledge that the soul is a gift from God who is the source of life. He then spoke of the Old Testament prophets who were greater than any of the philosophers, because they spoke from their encounters with the living God. After that conversation, Justin converted to Christianity, and he would later die for the true faith.

Another story concerns St. Augustine. Augustine was taking a break from writing his masterful work on the Holy Trinity by walking along the seashore. He caught sight of a little boy who was running back and forth between the ocean and a little hole, while he held a small shell in his hand. Amused at the sight, Augustine asked him what he was doing. The boy responded excitedly, “I’m trying to fit that great big ocean into this tiny hole.” Augustine gently instructed him, “My child, you could never fit this great, magnificent ocean into that tiny hole!” Immediately the child replied, “And you could never possibly understand the Holy Trinity.” At that the moment the boy suddenly disappeared.

Thank you for responding to the pantry’s need for more items. Please continue to read the pantry report in the bulletin to see what is most needed from week to week. I would like to clarify, though, that at this time the pantry is not in need of monetary donations. You can always redirect those monetary donations to the parish, as support of our day to day operations is always needed!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Dave

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