Shortages in order of need: (1) canned soup, (2) pasta sauce, (3) pasta, (4) canned beans, and (5) “add-ins” (including cookies, crackers, Pastaroni/Ricearoni, etc.)

Also needed: Similac Blue, Similac Orange (Sensitive), and diapers sizes 3, 5 and 6. Also Pediasure, and Ensure and diapers for adults.

Plastic newspaper bags and plastic grocery bags are always needed. Paper grocery bags are also needed.

NOT needed at this time: canned vegetables other than canned corn – canned corn is popular but in short supply.

We received approximately 2.04 tons of non-perishable food over the week ending 21 February. With this and current reserves we expect to cover the 28 February distribution, with the above projected shortages for the 7 and 14 March distributions.

We gave out approximately 2.21 tons of non-perishable food, and slightly less perishable food (bread and pastries, fresh vegetables and fruit, etc. – primarily donated by local stores) to 218 families in the week ending on Monday, 21 February. Special thanks to all those helping us to help our neighbors in need!

WHAT NOT TO DONATE: We need a wide variety of food items for the weekly food distribution. However, donations at times include items which we do not distribute. These include: non-commercial packaged or home-canned items (unless the source is well known to us); damaged cans; opened it

ems; alcoholic beverages; prescription or over-the-counter medicines; insect sprays and poisons, pet food – any turning up in our distribution is passed on to the Humane Society or animal rescue organizations; and candy, as the basic goal of the program is nutrition (except for items appropriate for clients’ young children present at the distribution).

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