SHORTAGES AS OF 30 AUGUST: In order of need - (1) canned soup (less than half of our need for next Monday), (2) pasta sauce, (3) “meals in a can” (stew/canned pasta/chili/ etc.), (4) dry unsweetened cereal, and (5) canned fruit.

Also needed: diapers sizes newborn, 2, and 6, as well as Similac Blue, Pediasure, and the adult supplement Ensure. Baby wipes, child and adult-size pull-ups are also welcome.

•Plastic plastic newspaper bags and plastic grocery bags are always needed.

•Not needed at this time: mac & cheese and tuna/canned meat/canned fish (over three months supply on hand), paper bags and egg cartons.

Thanks go to our food donors – the approximately 1.88 tons that came in over the past week should cover most of this coming Monday’s needs – items not noted above are in good supply for following weeks. And our work would not be possible without the volunteers, including student volunteers, who help sort, store and distribute all those donations.

With your help and theirs, we were able to distribute about 1.77 tons of non-perishable food, and a rather larger amount of perishable food (bread and pastries, fresh vegetables and fruit, etc. – primarily donated by local stores) to 182 families on Monday, 30 August.


There are many opportunities this summer for high school students and adults to help at St. Martin’s Food Pantry. If interested leave a message with contact information for us at (240) 676-9640.

Sunday: 12 noon - 4:00pm. Receive donations from church/individuals and then sort and stack them.

Monday: 7:00am - 12 noon. Distribute food to clients and receive donations form businesses/churches and sort and stack them.

Thursday: 11:00am - 12:30pm. Receive Celestial Manna donation and put in walk-in refrigerator.

Saturday: 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Receive Lancaster County Dutch Market donation and put in walk-in refrigerator.

Costco pickup during August: Need volunteers to go to Costco around 9:00am and pickup donations of bread, sweets, veggies and water and deliver to Food Pantry. Drivers needed on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Also need stand-by drivers for Costco on Monday and Wednesday if called for pickup.

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