Dear St. Martin’s Parishioners,

This Sunday’s Gospel places us with Peter, John, and few other disciples at the Sea of Tiberias after Jesus has risen from the dead. After following Jesus closely during his public ministry, the Gospel tells us that these men have returned to the life they had before encountering Jesus – they return to being fishermen

During Lent, we, too, have followed Jesus closely, and now we find ourselves on the other side of the Resurrection. After forty days of sacrifice and penance, perhaps we have returned to our former ways: turning on social media, drinking soda, eating sweets, (you fill in the blank).

But even though Peter, John, and the other disciples returned to fishing after the Resurrection, they were no longer the same men; their lives had been transformed by the Risen Christ. They were more attuned to his presence in their midst even when he was not readily or instantly recognizable to them. They knew Christ was before them after experiencing another miraculous catch of fish. And even though his outward appearance was different since his Body was now glorified, they would have recognized the Lord’s familiar voice speaking to them. That is how the Beloved Disciple could say, “It is the Lord” ( Jn 21:7).

We may have given up much for Lent only to pick them back up again; it may seem that we have returned to our “pre-Lent” selves. But remember that we do not have to be the same if we allow the Risen Christ to transform us. As we continue in this Easter season, let us allow ourselves to be transformed so as to be more attuned to the Lord’s presence in our midst, in whatever form that may take. That way, when Jesus asks us, “Do you love me?,” we can say with Peter, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you” ( Jn 21:17)

Have a blessed week.

In the Risen Christ,

Fr. Patrick

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