Updated: Aug 13, 2021

St. Martin of Tours is hosting a Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign for the Shady Grove Pregnancy Center. It begins on May 9, 2021, and ends on June 6, 2021. By filling a “virtual baby bottle”, we help the Shady Grove Pregnancy Center save the lives of precious babies from being aborted. Text the word “GIVE” to this number: 4848BOTTLE and “send”. You will then receive a text back with a link. Click on the link. Scroll down until you see St. Martin of Tours. Click on it, then scroll down to fill out your gift information and then click “submit.” You may also write a check to: Shady Grove Pregnancy Center, 16220 Frederick Road, Suite 118, Gaithersburg, MD 20877. Write in the memo section: “St. Martin of Tours BBC”

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