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Ceremonia del bautismo del bebé


The Sacrament of Baptism

St. Martin of Tours welcomes those parents who have made the decision to present their children to God through the Sacrament of Baptism in the Catholic Church. From the parents, they received their natural life, but now God the Father invites them to participate
in his supernatural Life, making them his adopted sons and daughters.

To best help you in this process, we have prepared this information sheet. May God bless you and the Virgin Mary intercede for you.

Please read this letter carefully and in its entirety to understand the requirements and steps to have your child baptized at St. Martin of Tours.

Baptism Requirements:

1. The child must be 6 years of age or younger. If the child is 7 years old and above, please contact the Faith Formation Office at 301-990-3203 for  catechesis appropriate to his (her) age or click here.

2. Parents are required to participate in 1) a Baptism interview and 2) a Baptism class.


3. The prospective Godparent(s) must be a practicing Catholic, having already
received the Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion, and Confirmation, and be at least 16 years of age. If married, he or she must be married in the Catholic Church. If he or she is not married, he or she must not be cohabitating. There is to be only one male sponsor or one female sponsor or one of each.


If the prospective Godparent is registered at another parish, he (she) must provide a letter of eligibility to serve as a sponsor from their home parish at least two weeks before the date of the Baptism.

Godparents are also required to participate in a Baptism class, either at St.
Martin’s or at their home parish. If done at another parish, a letter or certificate of completion must be provided at least two weeks before the date of the Baptism.

T.301-990-3203  EXT. 213

Steps to Register Your Child to Be Baptized

1. Please download, complete, and print the Baptism Registration Form by clicking here.

2. Schedule a Baptism interview with Sr. María Belén, OP, by calling 301.990.3203 ext. 213. Please bring the completed Baptism Registration Form and a copy of your child’s birth certificate to this interview.

At this Baptism interview, the interviewer will review your Baptism Registration Form for completeness and answer any questions you may have. Here you will be able to schedule the Baptism class (required for both parents and prospective Godparents) and the Baptism.

  • Baptism classes in English are scheduled directly with a priest or deacon.

  • Baptism classes in Spanish are normally held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month at St. Martin of Tours School.

NOTE: Baptism classes and Baptisms cannot be scheduled until you have had your interview. There are no Baptism classes or Baptisms in July.

3. Attend the Baptism class at the scheduled time. If you fail to attend the Baptism class as scheduled, you risk the postponement/cancellation of your child’s scheduled Baptism.

4. Request your prospective Godparent(s) to provide a letter of eligibility to serve as a sponsor for your child’s Baptism (and if applicable, a letter or certificate of completion of a Baptism class). This can be obtained from the parish they attend regularly. Please provide these letters to Sr. María Belén no later than two weeks before your child’s scheduled Baptism.

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