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Altar Servers

Altar Serving at St. Martin of Tours is a  privilege and carries a great responsibility. In  addition to assisting the priest during weekend Masses, Holy Days of Obligation and other liturgical celebrations, the role of an altar server is to help the priest lead the  congregation in worship. This is done by  showing reverence in performing duties on the altar and participating in Mass by saying  the prayers and singing. 


For information about the next Altar Servers training, please come back to this page in September 2023 or ask Fr. Patrick Agustin.

Boys and Girls in the 4th grade through High School are invited to serve in this important ministry. The ideal server is someone who desires to serve God and who can maturely and reverently carry out the duties of an Altar Server. If selected to serve, the following are requirements to be an Altar Server at St. Martins:


Practicing Catholic (attend Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation; go to confession regularly and living out your catholic faith) 

Made First Holy Communion 

Parishioner of St. Martin of Tours (If a child is not a parishioner, but attends St. Martins School please contact the coordinator to discuss) 

Completion of Training Classes


Servers must be willing to serve 1 to 3 times a month and at any Mass. 

Servers must be willing to attend additional training  throughout their service in this ministry 

Fr Patrick Agustin

Coordinator in English

301-990-3203 - Ext 202

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Sister Mariana

Coordinator in Spanish

301-990-3203 - ext 212

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