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Prayer Petitions for the week of April 8 to 14

For the healing of Osmel Saravia Jimenez, Brittany Saravia, Bryson Saravia, and Vladimir Jimenez Saravia. May God heal their broken hearts and may Vladimir recover from his recent accident.

That violence throughout the world will end, especially in the U.S.

Pray for the healing of the sick

Forgiveness and mercy for all sinners, including myself.

For all priests, nuns and religious

For all those away from the church.

For an end to abortion

For all those looking for wOk.

For all the souls in purgatory

For the repose of the soul of my grandmother

For our family members to return to the Church

For improvements in difficult work situations

For students who need extra help with school

For husbands and wives to grow closer together


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