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Dear St. Martin’s Parishioners,

Happy Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! I hope you have found some time for rest and family time in this last week of 2023. Most importantly, continue to celebrate Christmas. The birth of our Savior is not a moment but a whole season!

It is helpful to reflect that the Holy Family’s existence was precarious from the beginning. When Joseph discovered Mary’s pregnancy, he resolved to divorce her quietly. At the intervention of an angel, Joseph changes his plans, and he takes Mary into his home. Sometimes, our family’s existence seems precarious, as well. This could be at the beginning or at another stage of marriage. It is important to recall that God has a plan; He who has called you to this communion of life will give you all the grace to live your vocation in holiness and as a path to sanctity! This isn’t without struggles, temptations and new beginnings—it wasn’t for the Holy Family and it sure isn’t for our families, either!

When my grandparents were struggling in their marriage some fifty years ago, they didn’t have many places to turn to for help. Although the culture of the time was more supportive of marriage and family, there weren’t a lot of resources available for marriage healing and strengthening. Thanks be to God, that has changed. Now, the culture is less supportive in many ways of marriage and family life, but the resources for married couples have grown substantially. Here are just a few that come to mind now:

  • Marriage Encounter (we have an active group here in Spanish)

  • Marriage therapy (we offer that for English speaking couples through St. Jerome Counseling)

  • Marriage Retreats (Our Lady of Bethesda, Retrouvaille)

  • St. Martin’s Couples Night (fast approaching!)

  • Teams of Our Lady (small groups of families that meet for monthly prayer and discussion)

  • Mass with healing prayers (1st Fridays at St. Martin’s—come as a couple/family!)

A married couple with whom I was recently speaking mentioned that a few years ago they were on the brink of divorce. As a last-ditch effort to save their marriage, they reached out to their parish priest for help. He began to work with them on a spiritual level, and he connected them with a group that provided them with on-going support. Just a few years later, the couple marvels at God’s goodness and how they have experienced healing. Now it is their great desire to provide that healing and hope to other couples as well. I pray that those couple who are struggling, and who feel helpless in their struggles, may find solace, hope and healing on this Feast of the Holy Family. Jesus, continue to extend your Kingdom through marriage and the family!

In the love of the Holy Family,

Fr. Dave

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