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The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is known as “Giving Tuesday.” Often people will donate to a favorite charity or organization on that day. Please keep St. Martin’s in mind this Giving Tuesday. Recently we installed central air in our parish office. We are also going to buy new windows, as the current ones are very old and drafty. This is a substantial project, but we have relied on the generosity and skills of parishioners in completing it. For the installation of the air conditioning, we only had to pay for the equipment, and that at a discounted price. Electrical work has been done free of charge. We will purchase the windows, but they will be installed free of charge. All in all, we have saved thousands of dollars in completing this project; even so, it will cost us somewhere close to twenty thousand dollars. We could definitely use your help in covering the costs of the project! I thank God our Father for our parishioners who have generously given of their time and talent to make much needed improvements to our parish office!

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